• Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023
Hacker with cards and dice

Hacker with cards and dice

Casinos other than those owned by MGM have now also started to experience issues in Las . [Image: Shutterstock.com]

MGM Resorts International made the headlines last week when a cyberattack by hacker group ALPHV left many of its computer systems down. The casino giant is now the second week under hacker control, and now Las Vegas owned by other companies have started to experience similar issues.

On night, many gamblers took to X to report a power outage in Caesars Entertainment-operated Harrah's Las Vegas. When the power returned, many of the slot remained out of order:

While there is no evidence to suggest the Harrah's outage is linked to MGM's cyberattack, plenty of social media believe it too coincidental. Caesars did confirm that it was hacked by the same ALPHV group just weeks ago, but the supposedly millions to avoid the issues experienced by MGM.

Similarly, gamblers at The Resort Las Vegas reported that the property's slot machines were down for more than an hour on Saturday:

The casino, owned by Global Management, took to X to assure guests this was “not a cyber-related incident,” but some gamblers are not so certain. One X user deemed it “oddly coincidental,” while another said: “Of course that's what they say until they completely lose control of their system.”

ALPHV has not claimed responsibility for any attacks other than the one on MGM.

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